14 novembra, 2019 Články Nekomentované

Prebieha na vašej škôlke výučba v anglickom jazyku alebo chcete pútavo oživiť hodiny angličtiny? Využite možnosť výučby všetkých našich ekovýchovných programov aj v anglickom jazyku.

Objednávanie programov: ekovychova@daphne.sk, 0905 982 866, programy podporované firmami NATUR-PACK, a.s. a SEWA:  0948 096 821

Podrobné informácie o ponuke tém pre MŠ, cenách a podmienkach v pdf  formáte si stiahnite tu, popis programov nájdete aj nižšie.





1.Fairy Moravienka

CLASSROOM| Fairy Moravienka will tell us some of the secrets of the rivers. We will learn how the rivers flow and what troubles them. She will make us acquainted with her underwater neighbours, (but they are no fraudsters:). Can you find the answers to all the puzzles pulled out of the old hollow willow?


2.Frog Kvačka Story

CLASSROOM| Frog Kvačka will introduce us to her friends with whom she lives with, in the wetlands. Her story will help us learn and understand that the wetlands are not a hostile place full of mosquitoes, but an oasis of life without which even we humans would not survive.


3.Water Drops Wandering the World

CLASSROOM| Let’s dive into the adventurous story of water drops that travel the world and take on different forms. During their adventurous journeys we will find that although water in the world is plentiful, it is also one of the world´s greatest treasures.


4.There is Life Below the Water

FIELD| 90 min.

Who lives below the water? How do we know if the water is clean? Pretend you are a small researcher and look for answers. Together we will search for small aquatic animals in the river, lake or pond at Železná Studienka, below Devín Castle or in your local area.


5.Insect Life


Let’s look together into the mysterious life of meadow insects. What do a caterpillar and a butterfly have in common? Why are spiders useful? We will pretend to be meadow inhabitants and learn why each of them is important.



CLASSROOM| Did you know that herbs have miraculous healing powers that help us to cure disease? We will talk about some of them and learn how to recognise them by smell and taste.


7.Forest Secrets

CLASSROOM| The forest fairy will tell us about the forest residents, whom trees provide food and shelter for. By engaging all the senses, we will uncover some forest secrets together and create a large forest orchestra at the end.


8.There is Life in the Forest

FIELD| 90 min.

Let us go together for an expedition to a real forest kingdom, in which we will play out the tasks of forest inhabitants that are hidden in the trees and under our feet. Do not forget to take your linen bag for any forest treasures you may find.


9.Animals from the Farm

CLASSROOM| Where do the eggs come from that we have for breakfast, or the warm milk, and who gives us wool for a warm sweater? Meet the hairy, feathered and horned farm friends we need every day, maybe more than we think.


10.Mrs Crop

CLASSROOM| Let us get to know the fruits of our gardens, which Mrs Crop rewards good farmers with every year. We will not only learn to recognise fruits and vegetables by sight but also by touch, taste and smell. We will also tell the story of one miraculous grain.


11.Ancient World Hidden in Stone

CLASSROOM| What are fossils and where do they come from? Let’s look together into ancient history to solve the mystery of their origin. We will pretend to be small palaeontologists and find our own gypsum cast fossil in the sand.


12.Who’s flying to us?

New programme

CLASSROOM| Let’s listen together to the birds singing and get to know them by name. Why don’t we hear some birds in the winter? Do you know where they fly to? Let’s take a closer look at the life of birds and learn how to help those that stay here during the colder seasons.


13.Animals in the Winter

CLASSROOM/SCHOOLYARD| How do animals survive in the winter? Where can we find them? What can we tell by looking at the tracks in the snow? Let’s help the birds search for food by creating small feeders directly in the schoolyard.


14.Paper Witchcraft

CLASSROOM| Have you ever tried to make paper out of old newspaper? Together we will find that it is not so complicated at all. We will see how to help the environment by separating and recycling paper.


15.Land Art


Are we missing a brush or paper? All we need is imagination and bright eyes. Let’s transform into small land artists to create unique works from found leaves, fruits, or pebbles. When we focus our perception on the variety of shapes and colours, we may even see the smile of a forest elf …

►This program takes place in the schoolyard, or outdoors in nature upon agreement.


16.About Messy Šmudlo and Nifty Animals

CLASSROOM| Get involved in the story of the messy Šmudlo in the role of forest animals, help him find the answer to the questions: How do you get rid of unnecessary waste and what happens next with it after? How can you stop the waste from making the life of the animals unpleasant, and make it still useful?

►For kindergartens in Bratislava, Senec and Pezinok, this programme is free of charge every two years thanks to the NATUR-PACK Producer Responsibility organisation.


17. Collecting Batteries with Šmudlo

CLASSROOM| The story of Šmudlo continues – this time the animals will help him solve a mystery of who pollutes the water in the neighbouring forest. Together we will look at what an ordinary battery is made of, and why we shouldn’t throw it in a regular garbage bin.

►For a limited number of kindergartens, this program is free of charge every two years thanks to the SEWA Producer Responsibility organisation.


Written by Martina Brinzíková Badidová