14 novembra, 2019 Články Nekomentované

Prebieha na vašej škole výučba v anglickom jazyku alebo chcete pútavo oživiť hodiny angličtiny? Využite možnosť výučby všetkých našich ekovýchovných programov aj v anglickom jazyku.

Objednávanie programov: ekovychova@daphne.sk, 0905 982 866, programy podporované firmami NATUR-PACK, a.s. a SEWA:  0948 096 821

Podrobné informácie o ponuke tém pre ZŠ, cenách a podmienkach v pdf  formáte si stiahnite tu, popis programov nájdete aj nižšie.




1. Healthy Landscape

Grade: 1-4 / Classroom/schoolyard

Together we will recover polluted land, learn what harms land and what we are able to do to change it. Maybe then we will bike even more and create shelters for hedgehogs or insects in our gardens.

► Within a 90-minute programme we will move to the schoolyard and create our own insect hotels from plant pots.


2. The World Underneath Our Feet

Grade: 1-6 | Classroom/schoolyard

Let’s discover the meaning of soil for life on Earth. We will reveal how soil is created and find out how varied soil can be. We will look at what happens to the seeds that we sow.

► Within a 90-minute programme, students will sow seeds into their own pots and explore living things under the surface of the schoolyard.


3. Keep the water!

New programme

Grade: 1-6 | Classroom/schoolyard

Even though Slovakia is a small country, did you know it has the second-largest reservoir of drinking water in the world? Together we will discover all the places we can find water, why we are gradually losing it and find out how to preserve it.

► Within a 90-minute programme, students will have time to explore our surroundings and begin to understand through scientific experiments the importance of permeable surfaces in regard to water retention in the natural landscape.


4.The Blue Planet

Grade: 1-6 / Classroom/schoolyard

Do you know how much water there is on Earth? What are its states and who needs it? Together we will observe where water travels, how it sounds and what pollutes it. We will also discover different ways to lower water consumption and how to reduce water pollution.

► Within a 90-minute programme, you will see the journey of water on a 3D landscape model.


5. Expedition Under the Water Surface

Grade: 1-9 | Duration: 45 minutes | Field

Who lives in the river? How do we know if the water is clean? What does a young dragonfly or frog look like? Let’s become young explorers and find out the answers to these questions. We will go dipping to find small water animals/creatures in a river, lake, or pond at Železná Studienka, under Devín Castle, or in your surroundings.


6. The Abundance of Meadows and Pastures

Grade: 1-9 | Classroom

How can weeds settle in an inhospitable environment? What do orchids have in common with insects and spiders? How do butterflies and ants cooperate? Let’s get immersed in the amazing world of meadows and pastures. You will find out why they’re important for life, what threatens them and why it’s necessary to protect them.

► Within a 90-minute programme, we will make a fragrant herbal surprise.


7. Expedition Devínska Kobyla

Grade: 1-9 | Field

By the unique sand cliff called “Sandberg”, we will find out why this area is protected and how we know that sea used to be there. During our journey, we will get to know biotic and abiotic treasures of this extraordinary area. We will find out that orchids grow also in Slovakia and we will watch birds whose colouration doesn’t shame them even among parrots!

► Within a 180-minute programme there’s an option to walk from Sandberg to Devín Castle.


8. The Secrets of Woods

Grade: 1-6 | Classroom/schoolyard

The woods hide diverse species, shapes, colours, sounds, and smells. We will get to know the inhabitants of the woods and curiosities from their lives.

► Within a 90-minute programme, we will create a forest book filled with images and things from the woods, the schoolyard or school surroundings.


9. Expedition Underneath the Canopy

Grade: 1-9 | Duration: 45 minutes | Field

During a forest walk through Železná Studienka/Horský Park, or at a location of your choice we will find out the answers to various questions through the form of motion and sensory games. Do you recognise birds by their birdsong or feathers? What does forest biodiversity mean and why is it important? Is dead wood lifeless? Let’s find out.


10. Birds on Their Journeys

Grade: 1-6 | Classroom/schoolyard

Why do some birds undertake dangerous journeys every fall and some can stay here for the winter? We will look closely at birdlife and try to understand why and where some of them migrate.

► Within a 90-minute programme we will make birdhouses which we will hang in the schoolyard.


11. Slavs – Mysterious Folk of Europe

Grade: 4-9 | Classroom/Field

Who were Slavs? How did they live and what did they wear? We will try to find out the answers to these questions thanks to found artefacts. We will also learn how to read Glagolitic letters.

► Within a 90-minute programme we will make the original Slavic adornments. With older students, we will discuss the influence of Slavic culture on our modern culture.

► This programme can also take place outside as an excursion for (120 or 180 minutes), at the Slavic fortified settlement in Sandberg.


12. The World of Ancient Times

Grade: 1-6 | Classrooms/schoolyard

Together we will get back to the ancient times and explore the life that none of us experienced, however, we know it existed. Let’s become young palaeontologists and try out their work. At the end of the programme, each student will get a small surprise.

► Within a 90-minute programme we will turn into some prehistoric creatures.


13. Nature in Winter

Grade: 1-6 | Classroom/schoolyard

What does the winter mean for nature? What helps animals survive cold days and long winter nights? Every animal has its own strategy and we will talk about some of them. We will follow animal tracks in the snow to find out the answers to these questions.

► Within a 90-minute programme, we will make birdfeeders in the schoolyard.


14. Make Your Own Paper

Grade: 1-6 | Duration: 90 minutes | Classroom

Have you ever wondered about the paper that we use in various forms every day? What is it made from? Where does it come from and how did it originate? What happens to it once we don’t need it anymore? Why do we collect waste paper?

► Bring in old newspaper to make handmade recycled paper.


15. Land Art- Art in Nature

Grade: 1-6 | Duration: 90 minutes | Schoolyard/Field

Let’s become artists for a while. We will collect biotic and abiotic nature products that will catch our attention during our walk. We will focus on various types of leaves, flowers, fruits, and shells. We will look closely at the abiotic world that is an essential part of nature. Seemingly ordinary things will be used for the creation of an extraordinary piece of artwork.

► The programme takes place in the schoolyard or in your natural surroundings.


 16. The Journey of Trash

Grade: 1-9 | Duration: 90 minutes | Classroom

Where does the trash from our bins go? Is there only one way? How can we influence that? Can we contribute to the reduction of waste? Together we will discuss and look for ways how to prevent the constant increase of trash production on Earth. Let’s explore some practical tips to easily and effectively reduce waste production in everyday life and inspire others.

► Within a 90-minute programme we will create a 3D bulletin board from our own trash to remind us how to separate waste correctly.

► For primary schools in Bratislava, Senec and Pezinok, this programme is free thanks to a Producer Responsibility organisation NATUR-PACK.


17. Collecting Batteries with Šmudlo

Grade: 1 | Duration: 45 minutes | Classroom

Children will help Šmudlo to solve a mystery of who pollutes the water in the neighbouring forest. Together we will look at what an ordinary battery is made of, and why we shouldn’t throw it in a regular garbage bin.

For 1st grade in chosen Kindergartens, this programme is free of charge thanks to the SEWA Producer Responsibility organisation.



Written by Martina Brinzíková Badidová